Hi welcome to this site dedicated to sports clothing and jerseys. Here we take a look at the shirts or tops that people wear when representing their country or team. It's not just professional athletes that have a uniform, so do amateurs and of course fans that want to look like their hero's.

You will recognize all of the top stars in the world when they're in they're jersey with shirt number, though it may take a second to recognize them when they are out of their famous gear. Take a look at these photos of Lionel Messi for example...

1. Lionel Messi in a Barca shirt

Lionel Messi

 2. Lionel Messi in erm something else

Lionel Messi Winning

Ok so maybe this is an extreme example but he is the most famous footballer in the world after all and he looks much better in his football kit. I've always liked when sportsmen or women are dressed for their job, doing what they are famous for.

I think that the team they play for often gives them an identity. This is particularly the case with certain athletes for example you would associate Ricky Ponting with the Australian kit. This is also the case for domestic teams especially if they've played for one team for a long time like with Ryan Giggs and Manchester Utd. 

One popular design on sports teams are stripes. They can be horizontal or vertical, thick or thin. This a style design that will be around forever. Here's a player sporting a striped design from a world famous club...

Juventus shirt

As long as Juventus are around challenging for trophies you can bet there will be striped designs in the world. But of course they are by no means the only famous sports team with striped shirts.

It's not just the famous folk that wear jerseys though of course. Everyone from wannabe Brian Lara's to college dancers like to kit out and look like they are meant to be wherever they are. Just take a look at this website to see some children dancing and putting on a show in their crew uniforms. Uniforms normally begin from a young age.

You'll also find that athletes and performers have to wear outfits when not only in action but also when they are training or rehearsing. Perhaps it is just a technique to keep team members in line. Training outfits are often slightly different from official match day outfits. This video shows some footballers doing a few drills...

They certainly look a lot more cozy in their training gear. Bearing in mind this is probably in England so their training wear will probably be designed to keep them warm during their sessions. They might not have much choice on match days but on a regular cold Monday morning why not layer up?

A lot of sports clothes are made from materials that will allow the skin to breathe. In fact a lot of technology has been created in the field of sportswear in order to help the players more.

But some things can't be avoided and you'll notice particularly on sunny days or during the summer that they'll be pouring water over their face and similar things to keep cool. Regardless of weather hydration is important whether that comes in the form of water or one of the myriad of sports drinks that are on the market. I'm still not convinced any of them can do the job better than standard water.

So if you're going to be pouring water over yourself make sure you have extra bottles to drink from too (though I'm sure this is not an issue if you're rich and famous).